My Ideal Woman

Someone asked me what I am looking for in a woman and instead of me to be my usual superficial self and list a lot of physical attributes that would make one gasp for air, I just couldn’t. So, here’s what I am looking for, a WOMAN. Not just because she is female, not just… Continue reading My Ideal Woman


Love requires effort

Being open and upfront is so unappreciated these days. You meet someone you like, and lay your cards on the table, you end up being ridiculed, you are being gawked at for being true. People would rather you play games. You conceal your emotions, so you don't look cheap or desperate. They rather you act… Continue reading Love requires effort

From the heart

Letter Series [3]

I am going to be brutally honest with you. I sat across you on that sunny afternoon listening to you talk about him and your current situation and it was the most painful thing I’ve ever had to watch because you certainly deserve better. You were hurting and there was nothing I could do, I… Continue reading Letter Series [3]

From the heart

Letter Series [2]

So, babe, you like me but you don't love me, you can't forget me but you have doubts about a future with me. You feel the need to support me but you are skeptical about what role you should play in my life. You are tired of the uncertainty, the unending and undefined relationship. To… Continue reading Letter Series [2]


The power of failure- Why a bit of failure can be a good thing. — Whispering Hope

If you have been sailing through life and never failed at anything, it is difficult to appreciate the gift that failure can bring to your soul. I feel so sad. Failing again and again has bashed my self esteem. it has made me question myself. Am I really good enough? Perhaps I have been very… via… Continue reading The power of failure- Why a bit of failure can be a good thing. — Whispering Hope

From the heart

My heart and My Family

The saying "don’t judge a book by its cover" is the only thing I can think of while narrating this. I met John on one of my frequent weekend visits to my sister’s house. I found that it was a very easy way to spend my weekends, after the long week of job hunting and… Continue reading My heart and My Family

Short Stories

Best Man / Worst Mate [3]

Still lying down he picked up his phone once again and mustered the courage to call Chioma back. He could hear his racing heartbeat as loudly as he could hear the dial tone, after the seventh ring she picked. He didn’t know what to say to her but he certainly knew calling her back was… Continue reading Best Man / Worst Mate [3]